Colombia Ana Mustafa's DECAF

Colombia Ana Mustafa's DECAF

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Producer: Ana Mustafá
Region, city: Risaralda, Pereira
Processing: Sugar cane decaf, washed
Cultivar: Castillo
Omni roast (suitable both for filter and espresso)

Recommended rest period before brewing: 2-3 weeks from the roast date.

Gingerbread – muscovado sugar – lemon zest

Ana Mustafá's progressive approach towards coffee growing in Pereira is
noticeable in every single lot she grows, processes, dry mills and exports
through LaREB. Her decaf Castillo is no exception. It was decaffeinated with
the sugar cane process, which is native to Colombia. Fermented molasses
derived from sugar cane is used to make ethanol. Then mixed with acetic acid,
it creates the solvent ethyl acelate. The coffee beans are soaked in water - that
helps them to increase moisture and release caffeine from the structure. Then
the coffee undergoes the ethyl acelate wash and the caffeine gets dissolved.
After that, the coffee is washed in water again and then dried to the original
moistrure. Due to the exposure to fermented molasses, the coffee preserves
that heavy sweetness all the way into the cup.

Considering the fact that decaffeination removes about 97% of caffeine, which
is the alkaloid responsible for most of the coffee's bitterness, you can enjoy high
brewing temperatures and longer brew times without getting bitter notes into the
cup. Delicious decaf coffee is still a bit rare, but this one was super exciting for
us and we'll definitely purchase more next year. We hope you'll enjoy your late
night brews with this exciting coffee from Ana.