COFFEE AT HOME: Espresso & latté art

COFFEE AT HOME: Espresso & latté art

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  • 1-4 people      
  • we will contact you after purchasing the course to set the date
  • 4 hours (including a 30 minutes break)  
  • Lectors: Alan Jarrar & Kalliopé Theodorakaku                                               

In our espresso foundation home brewing course, we will cover everything that goes from grinding to extraction. You will learn how to dial-in a delicious shot on a home setup, being it an automatic or semiautomatic or professional machine with a grinder.

You will learn how to:

  • Understand brewing ratios and how to set a recipe
  • Dial-in a single origin espresso effectively with minimum waste
  • Clean your grinder and coffee machine effectively
  • Make clean and symmetric basic latte art pattern (heart, rosetta)

    The courses take at FAINE Coffee, Janackovo namesti 2a, Brno, Czechia.