Do you really use only quality water no matter what?

Let's be honest with each other.  Not everyone has the best quality water at home which is essential for brewing the perfect cup of coffee as the qc did in the roastery.

When we're tasting our coffees, we don't cupp and brew them on a perfect water only. Why is that coffee tastes good only with certain ammount of minerals, calcium and magnesium specifically? I feel like sometimes we get stressed out about things that have much simpler solutions than we think. 

We focus on simplicity and deal with the question of how a great deal of people prepare our coffee at home. Unless you live in London where tap water is as hard as a frozen moose shit when it comes to coffee making, you're ok with brewing on tap water.

Yeah, I know it's been repeated often that coffee is 98% water and that's a big reason why as an industry we should look closer on water quality solutions for shops and coffee roasters. But do you really use only quality water no matter what? No.

We feel that quality coffee is supposed to be a ritual, it's supposed to be a fun experience and it has to connect people. There has always been coffee as a tool of communication that forms a community. So if you're using Brita filtration kettle or Peak water at home, that's perfect. If you're using tap water, that may be a little more harder and the cup profile will land on the heavier mouthfeel side, but it's still a great cup of coffee.

Our simple solution to perfect water? Use soft water. Our day to day solution for home brewing? Use cold tap water and brew with it when it's off the boil.