Alan Jarrar & Kalliope Theodorakaku
We‘ve been working in specialty coffee for a decade now and
our roads crossed just last year. We were both frustrated of how little impact as experienced baristas, competitors and trainers we had on sourcing the coffees we worked with. 
But we both had great relationships with coffee professionals from baristas to roasters and producers within the community.
We knew the people we looked up to and we consider a lot of them to be our friends. We wanted to have a bigger impact on what we love to do.

Jokes Aside was born as a roastery project by @FaineCoffee and @50percentarabica. We‘re three dedicated coffee professionals with tons of passion for the craft.

We felt exhausted from our previous jobs and we needed to pursue
our own coffee dream. Our goal is to make everyone we work with
happier than we found them. Including ourselves and you who drinks our coffee.