Common cupping/dial-in mistakes

1. Talking about it before the tasting is done leads to creating biases in others. The focus is shifting towards looking for what was said. In long term, the palate development is stalling.
2. Trying to find something specific at all cost. "I can't taste it clearly, but it must be peach jam and jasmine."
3. Confusing fruity acidity and underextaction. Confusing sweetness and bitterness.
4. Not tasting blindly - creating bias: Knowing you're gonna taste a washed Kenya or a coffee that scored high will compromise your sensory perception. You'll score higher, because you're aware of the fact that the coffee scored high.
5. Reading the descriptors on the bag or sample first and then convincing one's self of having a kinda cheated heureka moment: "I took a sip and the flavors really are there."

Bearing those points in mind helps us during cupping. And cupping with other professionals helps.

Enjoy cupping, the coffee is naked there
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