"Specialty coffee is too expensive." - random customer

Once in a while I hear that from customers who, either don't drink specialty coffee, or have recently put their feet into the door of the specialty coffee experience. In reality, specialty coffee isn't expensive enough, because the cost of production is much higher with all the attention to detail during growing, picking and processing. So there I have a customer saying "That's expensive, I'm gonna buy a cheaper coffee in the supermarket." I like to go like this: "Oh, it's not expensive at all. You see, you're buying a 250g bag of coffee for €13. It will last for one week if you make 2 pour-overs a day from a 20g dose. That's 3.5l of filter coffee. That's not expensive at all. Take for example a food delivery. One meal alone might cost €13 as well and the dinner will last for 30 minutes if you're a slow eater." / It makes you think - people still perceive coffee as a commodity that should be cheap, because the supply chain was always exploitative and in fact, it still is. Specialty coffee is trying to make a change. And I think that the way to really change that is to hand over as much of a supply chain practices as possible into the hands of producers.