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  • 4-5 hours 
  • Tailored for professional baristas                                                          
  • 1-3 people      
  • contact us at to book your spot
  • Lectors: Alan Jarrar & Kalliopé Theodorakaku                                                                                                        

In our filter coffee course, you'll learn how to approach percolation brewing methods with focus on the V60. From grinding to choosing the right device, filter, pouring technique or water. With all the devices on the market and scientific books and papers being released, brewing a delicious cup of coffee may seem very complicated. But the basic principles remain the same and that's what we're going to focus on.

The course is split into two blocks - theory and brewing. You will learn how to:

  • Understand brewing ratios and how to set a recipe
  • Differences between various paper filters
  • Understanding the dose, specifit heat of the device and how it affects the brew
  • Set your grinder and choose the right water
  • Pour the water effectively and control time - flow rate, channeling issues
  • Change your recipe according to freshness of the coffee and roast development so you can always aim for delicious cup
  • Basics of immersion brewing, comparing it to percolation
  • Popular V60 methods: Hoffmann, Kasuya, Osmotic flow

    We can do the course at your place or at our coffee shops: STAV SE Espresso Bar (Lisenska 31, Brno) or FAINE Coffee, Janackovo namesti 2a, Brno.