BARISTA ADVANCED: Modern espresso

BARISTA ADVANCED: Modern espresso

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  • Tailored for coffee professionals - baristas
  • 6 hours                                                                      
  • 1-3 people      
  • we'll contact you via email to set the date
  • Lectors: Alan Jarrar & Kalliopé Theodorakaku                                                                                                       

Whether you're running a coffee shop and you need to provide quality barista training for your staff or you're a  home baristas or a coffee enthusiast, we offer an intense one day espresso making course where we will cover everything that goes from setting up a station to grinding and extraction of a delicious espresso. You will learn about modern espresso techniques an styles and how to apply them into the daily operation behind the counter.

You will learn how to:

  • Dial-in a single origin espresso effectively with minimum waste
  • How to adjust the espresso recipe according to processing/origin
  • Measure extraction yield with simple mathematics and a refractometer and what is it good for
  • Improve the quality of espresso dramatically by implementing simple equipment cleaning protocols
  • Apply modern puck prep techniques to increase sweetness and balance of the espresso and decrease channeling
  • Make clean and symmetric latte art patterns
  • Have an effective workflow during the rush

    We can do the course at your place or at our coffee shops: STAV SE Espresso Bar (Lisenska 31, Brno) or FAINE Coffee, Janackovo namesti 2a, Brno.